Native American-related mascots

Native American-related names and symbols have been commonplace in the sports mascot landscape (Warriors and Indians rank 6 and 8 respectively on the most commonly used nicknames list).

The last 40 years or so have brought on an age of enlightenment in regards to utilizing Native American names and symbols as mascots, as teams have been changing to more innocuous nicknames with increasing frequency.

Redskins, Indians, Chiefs, Braves, and Warriors are among team names that are frequently being changed, yet represent team names that are still being used by a team in one of the four major American sports leagues (Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Golden State Warriors and Chicago Blackhawks).

The following list represents Native American related mascots in our database that are or have been used by high school, college or professional teams. This list may not be complete, and not all names in this list may be considered offensive or derogatory. 

This report allows you to search for Native American high school mascots by state, including active and inactive team names.