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Search to find anything from cool high school team names like the Millennium Falcons, is there really a high school team called the "Nimrods"? (yes!), to how many teams are called the Cardinals? (lots!)

Times are changing, and that means team names such as Redskins, Indians, and Warriors are being phased out. But many Native American themed team nicknames remain, as highlighted by this ESPN FiveThirtyEight.com article. Here is a list of Native American themed team names, some of which are innocuous (Bison, Moccasins), while others are obviously derogatory (Savages, Squaws).

Books, television, and movies are full of fictional team names. From high school teams such as the Rydell Rangers of "Grease" and the Hickory Huskers of "Hoosiers"; to colleges such as the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles of "Coach" and the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs of "The Waterboy", these fictional teams form part of the environment of the show. Here's a pretty large list of fictional sports teams from books, television, and movies.

We are working on adding additional content to the site, such as answering questions like, What is a Hoya? or What is a Hoosier? Also, we will be adding lists of mascots by category, such as unusual mascots, politically incorrect mascots, food mascots, reptile mascots, etc. Bookmark this site, use it (it's free!), and keep coming back!

While this is the largest, and currently the only searchable, sports team name/mascot database, there is still work to be done! We need your help in submitting information on new teams that form, as well as teams that are no longer in existence - especially high school teams. Please feel free to contact us and let us know of any ideas or suggestions you have, or just to tell us that you love the site!

Want to know which mascots are the most common? Here you go!

1. Eagles
2. Tigers
3. Bulldogs
4. Panthers
5. Wildcats
6. Warriors
7. Indians
8. Lions
9. Cougars
10. Knights
11. Cardinals
12. Mustangs
13. Trojans
14. Falcons
15. Pirates
16. Vikings
17. Raiders
18. Rams
19. Spartans
20. Bears
21. Hornets
22. Hawks
23. Patriots
24. Crusaders
25. Rebels