Fictional Teams: "Letterkenny" hockey teams

In the Canadian comedy show "Letterkenny", the fictional titular town features a junior hockey team called the Letterkenny Shamrocks, as well as a female counterpart - the Shamrockettes. Two main characters, Reilly and Jonesy, eventually work their way up to the senior league team, the Letterkenny Irish. In season 3, a standings board reveals the Irish as winless and at the bottom of the conference standings. Here are the teams of the fictional Letterkenny universe.

The Letterkenny Shamrocks and Shamrockettes are the junior league teams. Here are the senior league standings, as shown in season 3.

  • Loggers
  • London Broils
  • Badgers
  • Eagles (later revealed to be the Kerry County Eagles, a team from the Rez)
  • Royals
  • Ice Bees
  • Flintheads
  • Snow Hares
  • Caribou
  • The Rapids
  • Dazzlecats
  • Letterkenny Irish

Reilly, Jonesy and Shoresy later helm the Kerry County Eagles and they represent Ontario in the National Senior Hockey Championships, which the Eagles win over the Trois Rivieres (Three Rivers) Lakers. Reilly and Jonesy also coach the women's team - the Shamrockettes  - to their third straight league championship. Other teams seen in the standings are:

  • Donegal Bulldogettes
  • Caribouettes
  • The Rapidettes
  • Royalettes
  • Alouette-ettes