Weather-related team names

While much of the United States and Canada is mired in the throes of winter, it gives us time to celebrate the great winter and other weather-related team names.

Fargo FreezeIt's cold out there, in fact it's freezing in most places, especially in Fargo, North Dakota where I spent my college years. Fargo once hosted an indoor football team appropriately named the Fargo Freeze. Several other teams have adopted Freeze, or adaptations of it such as Northern Freeze, Freezers and Freezz (the 'zz' ending being a Utah ifavorite). Feeling the Chill yet? Minnesota and blizzards go hand-in-hand during the winter, so Minnesota Blizzard is an apt moniker, especially for a hockey team. Variations of Blizzard include Blizzards, Blue Blizzard and Irish Blizzard. The Vermont Ice Storm serve as a dangerous variant of a blizzard. Love the snow? They do in the Poconos, where they have the Pocono Snow. Take a jaunt up north from there to find the Western New York Thundersnow. Be careful you don't get Frostbite! The Yeti/Yetis are prepared to handle an abonimable winter!

Miami HeatHad enough of the cold? Let's go to the (non)polar opposite - the Heat! The most famous Heat are the Miami Heat NBA franchise. ♫ "It's like a Heatwave" ♫  In Hot Springs, Montana you'll find the Hot Springs Savage Heat. California has been home to the California Sunshine and the Sacramento Scorch

California has also played host to a few teams of a different weather ilk - the Bakersfield Fog and the San Francisco Fog. The University of San Francisco was originally known as the St. Ignatius College Grey Fog

Carolina HurricanesWind is a major factor in weather, from the mild Breeze to the extreme Hurricanes and everything in between. Different types of relatively innocuous Winds include Whirlwinds (Whirlies), Dust Devils/Dustdevils/Dusters, Golden Gusties, Zephyrs, Chinook/Chinooks, Monsoon/Monsoons, Gales/Golden Gales and Wind Surge. More devastating wind events include Tornado/Tornados/Tornadoes, Twisters, Cyclone/Cyclones, Typhoons on up to Hurricane/Hurricanes.

Many of the above team names are types of Storm/Storms. Events associated with Storms include Thunder, Thunderbolts and Flashes of Lightning. Extreme storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes can lead to Floods, which inspired the name of the Zanesville Flood Sufferers - one of the classic baseball team names of the early 20th century. Omaha's Storm Chasers will keep you informed on severe weather.

Please note that many of these team names have color variations - to see the complete list, click on the 'Browse' tab above.